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Our Goals

The following are the basic goals for the children who are in our care.
  • To become independent and learn to be in control of their emotions

  • To be able to express and deal with the emotions they have

  • To learn how others express and deal with emotions

  • To develop empathy with others









  • To develop a lifetime love of learning

  • to learn observation and discussion skills

  • to build a love for reading

  • to build upon for natural curiosity

  • to develop the foundation needed to advance in the primary grades

  • To interact effectively with others,regardless of perceived differences

  • To respect others and the preperty of others

  • To function well in a group setting

  • To understand why they should cooperate with others

  • To develop meaningful friendships

  • To develop large and small motor skills

  • To learn the importance of good nutrition and good hygiene

  • To develop lifelong, healthy habits





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