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Our facility does Routine Covid cleaning, disinfecting and full sterilization

Safety is on the top of our list! We want to make sure you feel safe when sending your child/children to our center. We clean and disinfect multiple times daily (Deep sterilization cleaning on Wednesdays and Weekends)

We also disinfect frequently touched surfaces, playground equipment and objects multiple times daily such as:​

  • All playground structures and outside toys after each classroom use

  • Door knobs and handles

  • Floors

  • Classroom desks and chairs

  • tables and chairs

  • Counter-tops

  • Handrails

  • Light switches

  • Cubbies and Equipment 

  • Push-buttons 

  • Classroom Toys

  • Desktops

  • Bathrooms

  • Sinks

  • Windows

  • Walls

Note: we also have HEPA Filter/Air purifiers within our facility in each classroom and fresh air flow. Only Childcare essentials are permitted within our facility. No cross room contamination or mixed groups. We do full daily screening for both children and staff.


We Provide:

  • Masks and face shields for each of our staff.

  • Constant Hand Washing  

  • Masks for every child 3 yrs and up but we do have an option to purchase a face shield hat for a small fee. 

  • No contact food delivery to each class

  • Organized and optimal staggering drop off and pick up

  • Monthly Mandatory Covid Testing for staff

  • Virtual Tours 

  • Small Ratios 

  • E-Learning option is available (PreK and Early PreK only)

  • Fun Specially designed social distancing vests for children

  • Hand Sanitizer stations 

  • No touch soap dispensers 

  • No touch Trashcans 

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